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Ontario - The Trillium Flower Province

Ontario is Canada’s largest province by population however it is second largest in total size behind Quebec. Interestingly, although the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are larger, they are not considered provinces, they are territories.

Ontario is situated in the Eastern Standard Time Zone and is bordered by Manitoba to the west and Quebec to the East. To the south, Ontario also borders five states- New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio. Furthermore, Ontario is the only Canadian province that has the great lakes on its borders.

The capital of Ontario is Toronto which is the largest city in Canada by population with an estimated over six million residents in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Moreover, the capital of Canada, Ottawa, is also located in Ontario. In 2006, the Canadian government conducted a census which determined that 39% of Canada’s population resides in Ontario and is home to more than twelve million residents.

Along with Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Ontario is one of the main provinces that was formed in 1867 through the British North American act. Ontario got its name from Lake Ontario, which borders Ontario which is a Huron name.

Ontario is a large source of hydroelectric energy which is derived from its numerous rivers especially from Niagara Falls, which in addition to being a massive source of energy is also a popular tourist attraction. Ontario has large deposits of natural resources and its close proximity to the USA and transportation links, by air, road and water make it an ideal exporter. In addition to being rich in natural resources, Ontario also has a large manufacturing sector, which is home to the automotive industry. Interestingly, in 2004, Ontario overtook Michigan in car production by assembling almost 2.7 million automobiles. However, as the world economy began to recede in 2006, General Motors announced large layoffs which resulted in St. Catherines and Oshawa which has led to nearly 8000 employees being laid off. Moreover, the Ford Motor company has also announced that it will be laying off nearly 30,000 employees by 2012 because of declining sale.

Toronto, Ontario's capital, is the epicenter of Canada's finance and banking industries and smaller cities in the GTA like Brampton and Vaughan are large in the distribution of IT. In northern Ontario mining and forestry push the economy, most notably paper and pulp. Ontario also attracts a large amount of tourists . Toronto is a major destination of tourists because of how culturally diverse Toronto because tourists from all over the world can find a piece of home somewhere in the city. In addition to the lure of Toronto’s culturally diverse sites, there are also many other sites in Toronto such as the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, centres for the performing arts and thousand island tours. Outside of Toronto there are also many other tourist destinations such as Wasaga beach which is the longest fresh water beach in the world, camping in Algonquin parks and many other parks, Niagara falls and retreats to northern resorts. Ontario is a beautiful province which is home to the world city of Toronto. It has a large business sector and in addition the that it attracts millions of tourists annually.