Make A Payment

Making a payment is fast and easy. The preferred and normal method of payment on a borrower's loan is via pre-authorized debit on their bank account. However, if your account has been closed or frozen, and you would like to make a payment to avoid possible legal action, you may choose one of the following payment options:

Option 1: Email Interac Money Transfer

  You can send an interac email money transfer online through logging into your online banking.

Click on "Transfers" if there is not a link to sending an interac email money transfer on the homepage.

When sending the Interac email money transfer, please use the following information:

Send To:

Make the security question: serve u cash

Make the password: dollars

Option 2: Mail a CHEQUE payable to 'Serve U Cash'

  Serve U Cash
Attention: Account Receivables
121-1881 Steeles Ave. W.
Toronto, ON, Canada M3H 0A1

Option 4: RBC Credit Memo (FREE)

  You are not required to be a RBC client and there is absolutely no service charge to make a payment via this method.
You can go into any RBC branch in Canada and tell the teller to make a deposit into a RBC Approved Deposit Account.

To make a payment to Serve U Cash at any RBC, please follow these steps:

  1. Inform the Teller that you want to make a "Credit Memo" deposit to the following bank account:
    Serve U Cash Inc.
    Transit #: 05076
    Account #: 1027465
  2. Advise Teller that you want to use "your first and last name - SUC" as the "Credit Memo".
  3. Advise the Teller of your total payment amount.
  4. Ask the Teller at the end of the transaction to provide you with a receipt of the transaction to keep on hand for your own records.
  5. Your payment will effectively be credited to Serve U Cash's bank account at RBC with your full name showing up on our bank statement as the provider of the credit memo.
  6. Serve U Cash will adjust your loan balance as soon as your credit memo has been confirmed.