How It Works

How Online Payday Loans Work

Applying for an online cash advances is quick and simple! Simply complete our faxless§ online application  and apply for up to $1,500 from our lending partners.

Step 1: Read and fill in the required information in the online application.

Step 2: Once your application is submitted, a lenders representative will contact you to complete the application and authenticate the information provided.

Step 3: If you are approved, your lender will transfer the loan proceeds into your bank account.


Step 4: When your payday loan repayment date arrives, the amount owing is automatically withdrawn from your bank account by your lender. You do not need to be hassled with writing cheques. Serve U Cash makes obtaining an online cash advance quick and easy!

Requirements for Canadian Payday Loans

There are only a few simple requirements needed to apply for a cash advance through Serve U Cash.

  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Are you a citizen of Alberta, British Columbia or Ontario?
  • Do you currently have a full time job?
  • Do you have a checking account with direct deposit?

Payment Options

You will be required to pay off your loan in full on your next pay day.

Apply Now for a Payday Loan!

Applying for a payday loan in Canada is fast & easy. Residents of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario can apply online and have cash deposited directly into their bank account the same day they apply!

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