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Why do borrowers apply for a quick cash loan?

There are countless reasons as to why a borrower would apply for a fast payday cash loan with Serve U Cash. However, a commonality between all quick cash loan borrowers is the fact that they need a fast cash loan and are in between receiving paycheques from their employer. They could need a cash loan because their car broke down and they do not currently have the funds to pay for its repair. Without their car they would not be able to go to work and thus, not be able to earn an income. As a result, they turn to Serve U Cash to apply for a cash loan, so that they can have the money to fix their car and get to work. Other borrowers might apply for a quick cash loan because they are overwhelmed with bills at the end of the month and they know they do not have the funds to pay them all. By applying for cash loans, borrowers may save money on NSF fees and avoid the embarrassment of having their cheques bounce.