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Payday loans Canada have emerged as popular options over the years. Payday loans are basically short term cash advances which can help you in tiding through your financial crisis from one payday to the other. The idea is to seek a payday loan on one salary day with an intention of paying it back when you receive your paycheck on the following. Most often however, borrowers reeling under economic crisis would fail to repay the loans on time. This would cause the entire cumulative amount to roll over and accumulate higher interests. As time progresses therefore, a payday loan could quietly turn into a debt trap for the borrower.

In the recent times, there have been significant changes in the regulations pertaining to payday loans Canada.  Paydays were considered to be extremely popular options until a few years back. However, in the recent times, several lenders dealing in payday loans Canada have been forced to shut shop. This has especially been the case in Manitoba. The government has come down heavily on lenders dealing in payday loans, charging higher interest rates. The interest rates have been capped to a maximum of $17 dollars for every $100.

However, responsible lenders dealing in payday loan Canada are still very much in business. When you visit the Serve U Cash website, a popular payday loan provider in Canada, the experience would be different. We provide loans for residents of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Along with superfast service and almost instant approvals in 99% cases, you will also be provided with relevant advice. The website emphasizes the suitability of Payday loans Canada for dealing with short term cash emergencies. Borrowers are urged not to go in for long term commitments. Abiding by these norms will completely do away with defaulted payments. If payments come on time, lenders will also be able to survive on a low interest rate.

The Serve U Cash website provides an absolutely secure online registration form. You can fill in the application form and the approval arrives within moments of submitting the same, in most cases. The disbursal will happen in a matter of hours and the amount will be deposited directly into your bank account. There is also a section on frequently asked questions which you can refer for queries related to the lending and the repayment procedure.

Ideally, you should always opt for payday loans Canada lenders who have specifically designed programs for providing short term benefits. The idea should not be to keep you engaged in the borrowing sequence, amounting to stupendous debts. Such specifically designed payday loans schemes can be accessed at Serve U Cash. Payday loans such as these are much better than borrowing cash on your credit card. The rate interest on credit card borrowings could be phenomenal. Worse still, you will be forced to pay accrued interest till your entire balance purchase amount is paid off. There are no accrued interests in the case of payday loans Canada unless you roll over the amount. Hence, it should always be your preferred option amongst the two.

Payday loans could prove to be a great friend in times of distress. However, you need to be a responsible borrower and stick to your commitments stringently for making the most of them.

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