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Date: 4/14/2008

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Last week Manitoba introduced rigid measures with respect to payday loans and cash providers in the province. According to Manitoba�s Public Utilities Board, the new measures against payday loan and cash advance providers will be to first and foremost decrease the amount of cost of cash advance and payday advance providers are charging. By the looks of the new measures, the amount of interest that payday loan providers are going to be able to charge is going to be considerably less than what cash advance providers are currently charging.

According to the new measures, payday loan cash advance operators in Manitoba will only be able to charge 17% on payday loans that are up to $500. Moreover, this amount is going to be significantly lower for people who receive public assistance or receive benefits. Stan Keyes, President of the Canadian Payday Loan Association lashed out against the regulations and suggested that the cost of credit rate be capped between 20-23%.

These new measures that are in the early stages of implementation by Manitoba have other provinces thinking about payday advance loans and cash advance loans. By the looks of it provinces such as Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Quebec and British Columbia have either passed, or are contemplating passing new measures in regards to fast cash loan and pay day loan providers.

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Payday loan providers have been crucified in the media for taking advantage of people who are in need. However, this is not the case because payday loan and cash advance providers actually provide an important service which in turn saves the borrower money. Firstly, the availability of payday loans and cash advances enables customers to receive a fast cash loan in an emergency when other institutions like banks would turn them away. Moreover, pay day loans and fast cash loans provide customers the ability to save themselves from bankruptcy, foreclosure and even eviction. As well, consumers will be more likely to be exploited at pawnshops and other even more costly methods to receive the cash that they need if payday advance loan providers close.

According to Stan Keyes, he estimates that over two million people use the services provided by payday loan and cash advance providers, which shows the need for Canadian payday loan operations to remain open without the impediment of difficult regulations. It is clearly evident that payday loan operations within the province of Manitoba and across Canada provide a valuable service that cannot be replaced by another avenue. Consequently, for this reason alone, payday loan locations that provide bad credit cash advances to individuals who need a cash loan quickly and are unable to get cash anywhere, should not be regulated.

However, these new measures initiated by Manitoba will cause many pay day loan and cash advance providers in the province to shut down. This will be bad for consumers because the niche market that the payday loan industry serves will have nowhere to turn when they need a fast cash loan because bank will refuse them and all other institutions will turn them away because of their bad credit.

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